Citizen is a word riddled with meaning. For us though, it simply refers to a person who is at home. Or, put differently, a person who feels comfortable to behave as they see fit.

In that spirit, we’ve crafted a bar and lounge steeped in versatility. Whether you want to recline quietly with a friend and enjoy a drink, wander through our patio during the dwindling moments of daylight, celebrate loudly on the dance-floor, or sit contemplatively at the bar, the energy at Citizen is created by our client and caters to any and all desires.

Featuring a carefully created cocktail and champagne list, a thoughtfully produced food menu, and décor well-suited to all manner of person, Citizen presents the finest environment in which you can be yourself, indulge yourself and enjoy yourself.

At Citizen, you will always be welcome. At Citizen, you dictate what happens.

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